It's time to recognize excellence in the auto repair shop world. The CALA AWARDS FOR BEST MECHANICAL WORKSHOP has arrived, and we are excited to announce the call for nominations at the regional and national level. Are you a mechanic shop that stands out in terms of sustainability, innovation and management excellence? Then this is your chance to shine!
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Call for entries and nominations:

We invite all passionate shops and mechanics in Latin America and the Caribbean and South Florida to apply for the prestigious CALA Awards. What makes your shop unique? Have you implemented green practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Has your marketing strategy taken your business to new horizons? Do you offer a training program that elevates the skills of your employees? Tell us your story and highlight your achievements in one or more of the established categories. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 7th, 2024, during the conference programming. From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Applications are received until January 28, 2024.

What makes your workshop exceptional? What are your most outstanding achievements in the established categories?

Best management practices:

They will evaluate how to improve your facilities, what technology to employ and what brands of machinery you use. They will also look at the green practices implemented and the results achieved, measured through proper management and use of resources, best repair practices, energy savings and excellence in waste management.

Marketing for promotion:

We will analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies in terms of increased customers, brand recognition and online engagement. We focus on tangible results such as increased website traffic and marketing project ROI.

Training of technicians - employees:

We will look at the periodicity of training, technical skills assessment and the creation of facilities with training rooms. In addition, we will measure the percentage improvement in productivity and reduction in delivery times.
For further information please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Aspects for which the workshop stands out:
  • Aspects for which the workshop stands out:
Finalists and winners:

Judges will select the 3 finalists. The winner will be announced at Autoaméricas, Expo and Congress for the South Florida, Caribbean and Latin American Automotive Aftermarket, March 7-8, 2024, at the MACC - Miami Airport Convention Center.

Our method guarantees a fair and transparent process to reward the most outstanding auto repair shops in Latin America.
For the winner tab, we put the following text: Get ready to stand out in the CALA AWARDS as the Best Mechanic Workshop and win the prestigious CALA AWARDS TO THE BEST MECHANICAL WORKSHOP!

The winner of CALA AWARDS TO THE BEST MECHANICAL WORKSHOP will be honored with:

  • A distinctive statuette recognizing your outstanding contribution to innovation and sustainability.
  • A featured article in Aftermarket International magazine highlighting the trajectory of your workshop.
  • An exclusive interview that will be broadcast through our YouTube and social media channels to showcase your vision and commitment to the industry.
  • In addition, finalists will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Autoamericas panel and trade show in Miami in 2024 to present in detail each of their workshops to a global audience.

Are you ready to show how your workshop is not only innovative, but also contributes in a meaningful way? Submit your workshop right now! We want to hear about it and share it with the world.

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Platinum Sponsorship - US $6,000
  • Visual recognition in ALL promotional elements.
  • Comprehensive media coverage before, during and after the awards ceremony.
  • Featured advertising in the magazine associated with the award (Full Page!).
  • Exclusive access to the finalists during the DINNER-GALA.
  • Direct participation in the awards ceremony.
Gold Sponsorship - US $3,000
  • Visual recognition in ALL promotional elements.
  • Comprehensive media coverage before, during and after the awards ceremony.
  • Featured advertising in the magazine associated with the award (Half Page!).
  • Exclusive access to the finalists during the DINNER-GALA.
With CALA AWARDS, your brand is associated with excellence and innovation. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to stand out and connect with influential leaders from various disciplines! Be part of history, be part of excellence.
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